Frank Javier Valdés - Architecture & Interior Design

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JP Renovation

Jamaica, MA

Just a block from the Arnold Arboretum, this 1940's Bungalow had a cramped kitchen, enclosed dining room and old style redbrick fireplace that did not go with the client's aesthetic or lifestyle. The client wanted a more open, contemporary and minimalist space with accents of color. A large kitchen was a priority, it needed to be functional, flexible and open. All the walls around the fireplace were removed, and then the fireplace became the center of the space with everything pivoting around it. The open space effect was still cozy without being locked into small rooms. The result is a living space that is large, open and comfortable-a feat for any bungalow. An oversized concrete island juts out at an angle from the fireplace, physically separating the kitchen and the dining room.