Frank Javier Valdés - Architecture & Interior Design

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Reece Loft

Boston, MA

This project was a blank canvas, a 1600 square foot open space with 17-foot high ceilings in a converted Power Plant station in the ladder district of Boston. The client requested from the beginning that the new kitchen would be conducive to entertaining and socializing. They also expressed a desire to maintain an open space feel with limited use of walls in order to encourage natural light. The new kitchen was to be part of the whole loft, yet separate, without using walls to enclose it. The new kitchen had to create its own boundaries. In addition to the new kitchen, there was the need to create a unique bedroom area and a master bathroom with a walking closet. The lofty height of 17 feet allowed for a raised mezzanine, removing the bedroom from the public area, reached by a cantilevered steel staircase that revolved around the existing masonry column.